Recommendations for Books, Midwives, Massage, Chiropractor’s, Doula’s, classes, etc.

ImageDuring my second trimester I did a a lot of research and soul searching to learn about childbirth and how I would approach it all.  I spent the first trimester in Antarctica guiding so I missed out on that time to figure things out.  Luckily I had friends who loaned me books and videos, and gave me good advise.  I spent a good deal of time online as well doing my own research.  In addition I traveled to Colorado for an amazing Prenatal yoga teacher training that provided me with a tremendous amount of information and powerful experiences to jump start my heart into diving deep in this process of growth and learning.  Here are some suggestions for you mommas to be on what has worked for me, and for locals some resources to turn to for a variety of things.


Ina May – I read  ‘The Guide to Childbirth’, and I hear Spiritual Midwifery is great too.  I loved this book.  It has a great combination of birthstories to learn from and technical information that all women should know.  She is one of the countries leading midwives!

Birthing from Within  – Another great resource with lots of exercises to get you prepared using art work.

Bebe’ Day by day, Pamala Druckerman – advise from the French mammas who approach things a little differently than us.  This is the condensed version.

Essential Oils for pregnancy, birth and babies, Stephanie Fritz I have been loving the essential oils!  They are amazing!  Anything you need a drug for can be more safely and effectively treated with natures powerful oils.

How to have your second child first, Kerry Colburn and Rob Sorensen 100 tips from experienced parents

Breast feeding made simple, Nancy Mohrbacher and Kathleen Kendall-Tackett – I recommend learning about breastfeeding before the challenge comes your way

Note:  I found most of these books at the library!!  Such a great resource we have available without spending the money!!!

Midwives in Salt Lake City:

I found these 3 ladies that work together as a team.  They are amazing and came highly recommended to me.  I am so happy to have them.    There office is in Sandy.  They do homebirths.

Mellisa Mayo, Heidi Sylvestry and Laura Tolman


I choose a home birth after doing a lot of research.  It is important to be in a place where you feel safe.  We looked at hospitals and visited Birth centers, and in the end when I asked myself ‘where do I feel the most comfortable and safe?’  I realized that it is in my home.  I have had several friends who recently have had homebirths as well that highly recommended it.

We need safety in order to open up.  When there is a stranger or something stressful around our bodies close up making it harder to allow the baby to come out.  Animals in the wild will choose a solitary dark place to give birth and if anything interupts the process, they will stop and move to another place.

The midwives are equiped to check the babies heart rate, monitor my blood pressure, deal with a lot of circumstances, sutures, bleeding, cord around the neck, etc. and will help me get to the hospital if more assistance is needed, or things are not progressing normally.   I feel confident and secure with this support.  Each woman will have to ask where she feels the most comfortable.  I am happy not to have to leave my home, and I am open and grateful if I have to for some reason that medical help is so close by.

I look the time and attention we have received in our visits as well.  We are never rushed, never left waiting, and their calmness assures us on our every concern.  We often spend and hour or and hour and a half with them talking as learning.  They are also always available by phone, text, or email.


Karma Fry – specializing in pain management, works out of sugarhouse area,  801-201-7326

Carolyn E. Stevens –, 435-655-1703  This woman has so much to offer with her vaste education and experience


Dr. Campbell – 6982 S Canyon Ck Circle, 801-733-9900  Highly recommended as well for his good work and spiritual vibrance.

Elite Chiropractic – Dr. Layton, has worked on a lot of olympic athletes and the Jazz.  Also loves to help pregnant mommas.  (801) 432-7511


Start now and attend as often as you can.  It has helped me so much during my pregnancy to stay healthy and feeling well.  Search for prenatal classes idealy and view my previous post on what to do and not to do in yoga while pregnant.

Mountain Yoga Sandy

Yoga Central

The Yoga Center

City Centered Yoga

I will be back teaching prenatal yoga in October sometime.  I will post it here when I start up classes again!  If you can’t make a class find something online you can do at home.  It really helps keep you healthy and prepare you.

Birthing Classes:

It is so important to prepare yourself and for your partner to prepare for childbirth.  It is possibly to most powerful intense experience of your life.  We took a hypnobirthing class that has been great.  The philosophy is to totally relax during contractions and to trust your body and your baby to do what they are naturally equiped to do.  When we relax we release hormornes that are pain killers 200 times more powerful than morphine.  Which is why when you see videos of people having a hypnobirth, they are so calm, meditative and relaxed and describe the experience as not having pain just pressure.  When we tense up and go into fight or flight syndrome, our muscles contract making it more painful, and we release catacholamine hormornes that shut down the process making it more difficult.  The class we took was with Debbie Gordon, who is also a Doula.  I highly recommend the class.

I listen to the relaxation and birth affirmation’s that come with this course on my ipod multiple times a night.  I get up to pee every 1.5 -2 hrs, and when I come back I turn it on again.  They are so helpful for positive mindset and for relaxing and falling asleep.

Debbie Gordon, Nurturing Instincts,  801-572-2511

Do your research and find what class is best for you!


I did not hire a doula as I have 3 midwives for my home birth.  However, I did look into it and interview several people.  This is good to do to find someone who is a good fit for you.  If you are having a hospital birth definitely have a doula there to help support you and your spouse.  Debbie mentioned above is aDoula and works with the essential oils which can be so helpful in labor and for the baby.

Amanda Hastings,  801-870-1959  I have met Amanda in my prenatal yoga classes.  She is great!  Please give her a call and chat about her Doula services!

La Leche League:

Many of my friends that are new moms expressed how challenging the breast feeding was after childbirth.  We spend so much time preparing for the labor and it is a brief moment in time in the end.

Attend a few meetings before you delivery to get some pointers and so you have someone to contact if you have troubles along the way.

I have found the meetings very helpful for educating me on breastfeeding and taking care of an infant!


I use Dr. Ding who practices in SLC and Park City.  He is great.  He is from China and trained there.  He is knowledgable, funny, and very affordable. 801-487-4370

Acupuncture is a great healing tool, and can be used to help jump start your labor around your due date as well.


Todd Cameron – Cameron Wellness Center, 

1945 South 1100 East, Suite 202
Salt Lake City, UT 84106

ph: 801-486-4226

This is a great alternative to a healthy approach to healing.  I plan on using him with my child as well.

Essential Oils:

These have been great during my pregnancy.  They can be used for aches and pains, treating yeast infections, headaches, nausau, anything really.  Let me know if you are interested and I can help you get started with these!

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