Traveling with a little one

I have learned a lot recently about traveling with a baby.  Well he is more of a toddler now but still fly’s for free.

Recently I went on a 5 day river rafting camping trip with Bodhi and my brother.  We had a 6 hour drive there and back.  We scrambled to pack and get out of the house for his nap time.  He will sleep well still in his car seat so I am grateful for that.  I took toys, movies and sang songs to entertain him while awake.  We took nice long break and played run around games to get him moving.

On the boat, my friend Zoe helped me come up with a nap system.  She used a small tent with a doggie bed inside for her little one, and I used a long plastic bin with a memory foam pad in for Bodhi.  I would get him to sleep in my arms and then put him in the bed on top of the cooler.  The bin was strapped down and the river was super mellow.  I used an umbrella to shade him.  It was a lovely nap with the water sounds around and birds overhead.  He had on a life vest during the whole boat experience and was still able to nap well.

He totally loved the camping and thrived in the outdoors.  We stayed in a tent together and cuddled with our blankies and sleeping bag on top.  Zoe took a playpen for her baby.

Next we flew to Italy.  I asked around to many people about what to take on the plane to entertain him.  Here is what worked for me.  I took stickers and sticker books, a bag of small toy trucks, cars, play phone, etc.  I took crayons and paper to draw.  I put some movies on a tablet.  I purchase LBB, Little Baby Bum, wheels on the bus and a few others.  They are great songs with lots of learning.  He can say his ABC’s now and count to 20.  Very catchy tunes.  And there are games on the tablet too.

The memory foam pad in pillow case, I would roll up and put into a small stuff sac with an extra thin blanket.  I fit this in my carry on bag and pulled it out to nap in my lap, on the seat, or in the airport.  It worked great on the beach as well, and on top of our luggage.

Giving him milk on take off and descent helps with the ear pressure differences.  I always got an aisle seat so we could walk around.  Everyone I sat next to was so helpful too and let his legs go into their lap so he could sleep.  I asked for help when I needed it and was able to keep him asleep while loading onto the plane as my neighbors took my bags.  I had economy plus seat so that helped a ton as well.

Lots of snacks came in handy.  I carried a little cooler bag with a frozen bottle and milk to last the whole trip.  I am still breast feeding which often came in handy.  I took a large pill box and put different snacks in each day so he could have fun with that.  I also had some small containers with fruit in cooler bag.

I did not take a stroller because we would not have room in the vehicle for it in Italy so I just took an ergo and carried him in that.  I had a roller carry on bag that i strapped the diaper bag too and that worked well.  I stroller would be nice to and you can check it at the gate.

He is a great little traveler.  We then had another flight to Atlanta and back for a funeral and he is a pro.  I think it is easier flying than driving because he doesn’t have to be strapped in.  I took his gummy vitamins and a few organic lolly pops to hand out when I was desperate for him to not cry!!  It worked.  Thanks grandma for that recommendation.

I think the number one thing that I did that helped the most though was trust in the universe that all would be ok.  I was stressing about traveling a long way with him alone, and then several week before I decided that it was all going to be perfect and that he was going to be a great traveler.  I have been working on my beliefs, such as changing my limiting beliefs, and creating my reality exactly as I want it.  It turns out this works.  I did not worry along the way and I knew that all my needs would be met, and then I watched as the universe helped me in everyday possible.  I had nice people beside me that helped me and played with Bodhi, I had an empty seat next to me on one long flight.  Etc., etc.  it works out when we believe it will.  We manifest our thoughts!

Best of luck with your travels with your little ones.  Leave a comment below!!

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