A much more plesant to way to shave, and it boost your immune system too!!!!

I have been studying Ayurveda lately as I am on a year long Yoga Health Coach program.  I am learning so much.  Ayurveda is a Sanscrit word meaning, ‘the art of living’.  It is about how to align with nature so that you sink right in with your daily and seasonal rythems and your body and mind thrive.  One of the principle is self massage with oils.  Seems like a luxury and hard to fit into a busy lifestyle. However,  I have integrated this in and now I see how important it is to give to myself reguarly so that I can really appreciate my body and listen to it more carefully.  So here is how I do it.  I use organic oil like sunflower, seaseme (not toasted or you will smell like oriental food),  or almond oil.    In warm times coconut is good too.  I put it in a glass jar with spray top and add some essential oils (optional) like lavender and/or frankinsense.  Whatever you like is the best.  Let your nose lead the way.  Then before showering I put it on.  Use long strokes on the long bones and circular motions on the joints.  Then I step into the hot shower.   The heat drives the oil deeper.  It boost your skins immune system and forms a protective layer.  No need for soap or you can add oil back after soap.   Use a scrubby or dry brush before hand to get off dead skin.  Soaps and lotions strip off much of our skins defense especially if they have preservatives or harmful chemicals (of which we discover things that are harmful that we thought were safe all the time).   Lotion is a mixture of oils and water and to mix the two you have to add preservatives so it doesn’t go bad.  My skins feels so much healthier now since I switched.  And for the shaving, amazing!  So smooth and easy.  No more red bumps and the razor glides freely.  Love this discovery.  It’s fast too.  So give it a go and enjoy having healthy skin that works well to keep you strong.  I also enjoy applying the oil nightly to my face and feet for a better nights sleep.  The cracks in my feet are gone and my face feels and looks younger too.  Bodhi likes oil on his feet at night too.  

Leave a comment and let me know how the skin feels after and during shaving with oil.  

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