Growing sprouts in 3 easy steps, Plus: 5 health benefits of Sprouts

I just moved to Chamonix with my family for 6 weeks to be here while Todd is guiding in these beautiful mountains.  I am glad that I brought some of my favorite things to sprout.  I did not bring any mason jars or trays so I used what I had available here.  What I have noticed about growing sprouts is that it is easy!  And it is forgiving you can do almost anything and they will grow.  Just give them some water.

Here is what I brought:


Sunflower seeds

Mung beans


Pumpkin seeds & Almonds – Just soak for 4-8 hr and then dry on a towel and eat

3 Easy Steps to Sprouting

1.  Soak overnight in glass jar

2. Drain and Rinse

  • Leave seeds in jar, or you can put them in a bowl, or on a plate.  The plate method is great for small seeds.  Place a paper towel under and above the seeds and this makes for easy rinsing.

3.  Rinse 2 x’s a day


It really is that easy.  Give it a go. Enjoy!!!

There are some differences depending on what you are sprouting.  Almonds and pumpkin seeds I just soak them for 4-8 hr and drain the water and then eat.  It sprouts on the inside.  You will not see anything different but they will be softer and full of extra power once they sprout.   Mung beans, buckwheat, sunflower seeds are ready when you get 2 leaves.  Lentils I begin eating from the time I see a sprout shouting out.

5 days out
5 days out
Starting on left: Mung beans day 1, Lentils day 1, Mung beans day 5, Buckwheat day 5, Sunflower in bowl day 5.


Here are some health benefits of sprouts:

1.  High in Micronutrients!

Vitamins like K, A, C B1, B6 are abundant when the seeds, nuts, beans or grains sprout.  Minerals are high as well like Iron, Calcium,Phosphorous, Magnesium, Potassium, and Manganese.  Most beans increase Vitamin A by 8 times when sprouted.

2. Omega 3’s, Fiber and Folate

Fiber helps escort toxins and fats through the digestive track, and slows the sugar breakdown to protect from insulin spiking.  This is great for weight loss and your metabolism.  Omega 3’s and Omega 6’s need to be properly balanced.  Processed foods and vegatable oils are high in Omega 6’s and with consumption of these foods you are likely to have too high Omega 6’s.  In one study:

  • The omega-6 linoleic acid group had a 17 percent higher risk of dying from heart disease during the study period, compared with 11 percent among the control group (those who did not receive any particular dietary advice)
  • The omega-6 group also had a higher risk of all-cause mortality

See article here!

3.  Enzymes

When the seeds spout inside it releases the energy of life.  The seed lays dormant and protected until you sprout it and then its power is alive.  Experts say that the enzymes are 100 times more than in uncooked fruits and veggies.
Read more:

4.  Protein

The proteins change when you sprout as well increasing the availablity to us.  They can contain up to 35 percent protein. Sprouted kidney beans have 8 grams per cup.  When added to a grain like quinoa, amaranth, or rice or couscous you can get a complete protein with all the essential amino acids.

5. Weight Loss

Sprouts are high fiber, low calorie and loaded with goodness for you.  When you give your body the nutrients it needs then you will not crave unhealthy foods like sugar and processed foods as much.  The fiber in sprouts helps your digestion and balance of sugars.  They help you feel fuller longer and are easy to breakdown in the body.



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