Health Tips from the Experts!

I am having so much fun listening to the talks from the Ayurveda Summit by Cate Stillman and Dr. Eric Grasser.

I am so inspired that I want to get down some of this wisdom here and share it with my community.  Here are some of the highlights for me:

From Cate’s interview with John Joseph Immel from

  1.  Hunger is important!  When we allow ourselves to experience hunger then we can be more in tune to listen to what our body really needs.  One example was with a craving of cheesecake, asking oneself what is that really about.  The tongue has been evolving for billions of years and is our teacher.  But it doesn’t know cheesecake.  The brain knows cheesecake.  It knows sweet, sour, rich, creamy, pungent, bitter, etc.  So we can figure out what the craving means more deeply.  This takes us slowing down, breathing and getting centered and asking the questions.  Is it an emotional craving?, do I need energy?, do I have low blood sugar?, or do I need fat?  Then we can choose more intently from what the body needs in that moment.  Then our job is to eat slowly, deeply taste and enjoy the food, and pay attention to how we feel after 1 hr, 3hr, 6 hr, and the next day.
  2. Allow space between meals!  If we eat before Hunger and before the food is through the whole digestive track, not just out of the belly.  Food will exit the stomach after a few hours but it is not done yet it has the rest of the intestinal track to go through.  But more food in means that the rest of digestion gets stunted.  It stops and ferments in the intestinal track.  This is the cause of GAS & BLOATING!  So if we have stinky farts it is a sign of dis-ease.  We did not get it right.  The same is true if we have gunk on our tongue!  Scrap it to know!  The food literally rots is the intestines and becomes toxic in the body.  These toxins can circulate to weaknesses in our bodies and accumulate causing joint pain and arthritis.  Also the body then takes nutrients out of the bones because it is not getting what it needs from the food and bones become brittle.  So if you have bad gas, acid reflux, indigestion, or ama (gunk on the tongue) it is so important to get this!  For more on the science behind this please listen to his free talk!  Fascinating.

From Dr. Douillard:

  1.  Eat Less!  Americans eat 100% more than we need.  We are often overweight and undernourished at the same time due to the intake of processed foods, general stress levels being high in our fast paced culture, and overexposure to violence that creates overwhelm in our nervous system.
  2. Reduce Stress!  Stress sends the gut bacteria south.  The gut is so important to our overall health and wellbeing.  If it is unhealthy we become hypersensitive to food and develop allergies among most other health problems.  When we are stressed we can’t have a high level of awareness to really tune into what we need to eat and when we need to stop.    Stillness is so powerful and the benefits of practices like yoga and meditation are phenomenal.  Take time to connect to a bigger picture and allow the pond to settle its’ muddy waters to clarity!!
  3. Align with the Circadian clock!  This is so important to our body functioning well.  We have evolved to eat during daylight hours and sleep at night.  There are no night owls only people out of sync.  Western science clearly supports this now with the circadian science that says that there is a part of our brain in charge of aligning with nature.  In modern day, many people have turned this gene off and the cells in the body get confused.  They don’t know when to digest and we get sugar or substance cravings, hunger all the time, and an inability to sleep when we should.  It is imperative in order to thrive that we align again with the natural rhythm.  Before houses, heat, and electricity we did this easily.  Now we have to create strong routines, habits and a lifestyle that supports this.  EARLY TO BED AND EARLY TO RISE MAKE A PERSON HEALTHY WEALTHY AND WISE!!!!
  4. Stored Emotions!  Dr. Doillard conveyed a study about rabbits who were given peppermint oil to smell and poked at the same time.  Naturally they developed an aversion to peppermint oil.   This aversion and fear was passed down for 3 generations.  Fear and other emotions get stuck in the fabric of our bodies.  They stay as memory in the cells.  We learn to please our parents as children, but we must evolve beyond that as adults.  We repeat the same thoughts and behaviors that we learned as a child over and over.  We must break this cycle!  This takes:
    1. Establish being!  Get still!  Meditate every morning even if you just do one minute.  Check out my meditation blog here.  Take 3 deep breaths before eating, when arising and before sleep to connect and relax.
    2. Take action to SHINE!  Break old patterns of reactivity, blame, and victim roles to create freedom in your being.   Love no matter what, give to others, love without judgement.   Develop CURIOSITY instead of judgement with the self and others.  Happiness is not dependant on circumstances!
    3. Play the game of awareness!!
  5. Change your Genetics!!!  How cool is that!  We now know that we can turn genes on and off.  Everything we think, feel, say and eat affects our genome.  We can literally send our microbes and genome south with negative input from food, overeating, eating too fast, eating when not hungry, eating too late, being stressed, rushing, multitasking, watching violence, saying negative or thinking negative!  And when we put in good, See The Good!, we can turn off unhealthy genes, digest our food to the most pristine useful material instead of turning it sour and toxic with fermentation, and feel great and live a life of ease!!!!  We are so Powerful!!!  That’s great!!!

If you are interested in taking your health to the next level, moving from overwhelm to ease, and defining your next growth edge to make a difference on this planet!  Then let’s talk!  If you want to feel better, sleep better, have more energy and a body that thrives, then lets talk!!!  If you want to set yourself up to excel in life so you can play hard, be there for your kids and grandkids, and touch your toes at 90 while still hitting the ski slopes then please, let’s talk!!!

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