Digestion, the Blood, & your health!! This is COOL!

I just did an amazing training that is so complimentary to what I am offering people in my Higher Health program that focuses on healthy lifestyle habits. I learned how to analyze a drop of blood under a microscope. It is so cool because you can see the effects and presence of undigested proteins, fats, and sugars. So wild. I have a much better understanding of how undigested stuff is present in the blood and gets transported through the body. It can solidify into uric acid crystals or the blood cells get sticky and clump together or the sugars feed off bacteria and fungus and grow into big clumps. So fascinating to look into the blood and see verification of what I am learning and teaching people about what is happening in the blood. And the focus is all about digestion. We need enzymes to digest food. We get enzymes from raw food. If we don’t then the body has to borrow them from the pancreas which has a finite supply and will run out if over taxed. Pasteurized milk has no enzymes to break it down so lactose intolerance happens so much more quickly as we run out of lactase. We eat so much sugar (up to 145lbs a year on average, used to be more around 40lbs a year) that we become diabetic as we run out of the amylase enzyme. People are becoming diabetic between 18-24 now predominately where is used to be 40-50yr olds.  Fruits and veggies even meat all contain the enzymes necessary to digest them. But when heated above 118F they die. I have always wondered why fresh fruit sugar was different than other sugars. It has the enzymes present. Store bought juices are pasteurized too so no enzymes. Fresh pressed is different it has them. If you eat meat add a slice of pineapple and it has enzymes to help break down the meat. Also probiotics are so important. We can’t absorb nutrients without probiotics. Our probiotic lining in the stomach gets taken out with antibiotics, meat or dairy foods have so many antibiotics these days so if you eat meat you get antibiotics unless its organic, and carbonation kills probiotics too. So eating the fermented foods and yogurt with our meals helps add in one strand, so that is helpful. Otherwise we need to supplements to build it back up.
When in doubt clean the liver and kidneys!!  Ayurveda recommends 2 times a year. These are our filters. If they are clogged with all this undigested stuff and thick blood then it leaks back into the body. It builds up in places like the joints where the vessels narrow causing arthritis or joint pain.  It can build into fibrous tumors.  It can build up in the reproductive organs or anywhere causing cancer.  Wow.
How do we fix it? Whole foods, Plant based diet, Easeful living.

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