Healthy Mac for kids! Enzymes! Smoothie!!

IMG_9633Cook Annie’s organic grass fed Mac and cheese pasta

Dice up carrots and broccoli really small in a dicer and set aside. (Leave raw for the enzymes)

Sauté mushrooms in ghee (video) or coconut oil with salt and pepper

Cool the noodles and then I add raw milk for the enzymes (pasteurized has no enzymes)

Add ghee (clarified butter), cheese packet, raw veggies, and mushrooms

Stir in nutritional yeast 1-2 tbsp (loaded with B Vitamins!)

So Yummy!!!

With creativity, determination and persistence we teach our kids to eat healthy!!!

My son is 2 and so far it’s working well.  His favorite veggies are sauteed greens and baby Bella mushrooms in ghee with salt and pepper.   I dice the greens small so the are easy to eat.

This mornings smoothie was a hit too!  Super Yummy!!!  This makes enough for 4-5 people.

  • 2 oranges
  • 1.5 bananas
  • frozen organic mango and pineapple
  • spinach- loads of it (2 big hands full)
  • Small bit of calcium magnesium liquid or break open a pill to counter the oxcalates in the greens (make sure you are hydrated or you can get cramps)
  • 2 scoops of Pure Nutrition powder (has enzymes, protein, and probiotics and nutrients)
  • water

Why are enzymes important?

We need enzymes to break down food.  All raw foods have the enzymes necessary to break them down.  Otherwise with cooked foods they come from our pancreas which has a set amount at birth.  When you use up your store of lactase enzymes fro  the pancreas with by drinking pasteurized milk and dairy then you become lactose intolerant.  When you use up your amylase from eating processed sugar then you become diabetic.  We consume so much more processed sugar than we use to.  This is why people are becoming diabetic at younger and younger ages.  So set yourself and your kids up for success by adding enzymes from raw foods or from a whole foods source supplement.

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