5 reasons to avoid carbonated beverages!!!

Here are five reasons to avoid carbonated beverages.

  1.  Carbonic acid Nuetralizes your Hydrocloric acid in your stomach.  HCL acid is responsible for killed off bad bacteria, fungus and yeast that come in on our foods.  It also causes a PH change that signals your pancrease to release enzymes to help break down the food.  So if the PH change is nuetralized then you get no enzymes.
  2. It eats away at your stomach lining.  This causes cracks in your stomach lining and then bad bacteria and un digested foods can leak out.  Cracks can lead to ulcers.  Unwanted stuff leaking out leads to asthma, allergies, and food sensitivities.
  3. It destoys enzymes on any raw food you have eaten.  All raw food has the enzymes necessary to break itself down and some have enough to break down other foods as well.  The CO2 will kill off these enzymes though.
  4. CO2 is poison to our bodies.  Your body wants to get rid of CO2 not take it in.  That is why you burp it up.  If we get buried under an avalanche, its the CO2 build up that causes someone to suffocate.  Why would we add that bake into our bodies.  Truth is we probably won’t once we understand why not to.
  5. Sugar 1 soda = 45lb of sugar/yr.  When we use up our amylase enzymes we will become diabetic.  Processed sugar is a drug and a poison.  It is so bad for our bodies and our blood and not easily digested.  Read your labels and avoid it!!!

Watch this informative video

to understand better!!!

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