What you should know about Gas & Stinky Gas!!!

Gas is a sign of rotting food in the gut.  Stinky gas is really rotten food.  I use to think it was because I ate healthy food.  What happens when food rots in the gut is the bad bacteria over reproduce.  They go wild.  This causes acidity and the body has to draw from the bones calcium to balance out the acididty.  So you are robbing from your bones and your deep energy stores.  Acidity causes inflammation.  Undigested foods get stored somewhere and clog things up.  So lets take a look at what causes it and how to prevent this from happening.

Causes and Prevention:

  1. Eating too soon after a meal.  We have been trained into meal stacking in our culture which has the benefit of increasing metabolism.  However, according to Ayurveda the cost is not worth it.  When we eat after food has left the stomach but is still working through the intestines and colon then the valve to lower digestion gets shut, (because the stomach gets food in there and must do so) and this stops digestion below.  Then the food starts to rot.  So meal spacing is really important and waiting until your body signals that is is truely hungry!  Your body will tell you when it needs more, and it is not the first sign of emptyness, but a deeper hunger.
  2. Eating too much:  We release about 2/3 L of fluid into the digestive track with HCL acid and enzymes to help break down our food.  If there is no space then the enzymes can not do their job.  We feel heavy and will have lower energy.
  3. Eating too fast:  If you down your meal in 5 minutes the chances that you thoroughly chewed your food are not so great.  The mouth is the first stage of digestion and chewing well and enjoying each bite is the way to go for better digestion.
  4. Eating while stressed, anxious, moving, standing, anything but relaxed:  If we are in a stress response then the blood can not get the the stomach to digest food.  Our bolld gets sent away from the stomach to fight or flight!  So take a few deep breaths before you eat and relax.  Your body will thank you.  Get grateful for your meal first.  Avoid eating while standing, running around, driving, or talking.  Digestion is so important.  Easier said than done, I know, I am still working on this.  In fact the other day I fell off track and just snacked all day.  I was so gassy.  I was busy and just gave up for the day.  Interesting experience.  I also had lots of gunk on my tongue from that.  Then I renewed my commitment and had a couple of great days of not snacking between meals.  No gas, and no gunk on my tongue.  How did I shift?  I visualized my success in my morning meditation.  Visualization is so powerful!  Give it a go for anything you want to shift.  
  5. Not enough enzymes!!!  Enzymes are what break down food.  We have to have them.  All raw foods have the enzymes in them to break themselves down and some can break down other foods too (pineapple and papaya).  Otherwise the enzymes come from our pancrease which has a set number of enzymes when we are born.  When you use them up then that is it.  Run out of lactase = lactose intolerant, run out of amylase = diabetic, etc.  So eat some raw food with every meal and in general try to increase you intake for raw foods.  The salads are great for you and sprouts are amazing!
  6. Not enough Probiotics!!! We need these to absorb nutrients.  So eat non sugary yogurts and fermented foods, and supplement if you have taken any antibiotics, or if you eat meat that is not organic as it is loaded with antibiotics.

Don’t just take my word for it, experiement and see for yourself!!!IMG_9714Health Tip of the Week to save you time and improve your Nutrition:

Cut up or food process at big bowl of veggies and then squeeze a lime and lemon on it.  You can draw from this all week for salads, nori rolls, soups,stirfry’s, eggs, etc.

This mix is carrot, cabbage, fennel, jicama, chard, cilantro, parsley, and sprouts.  Change it up each week!!!

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