Time Warrior

Time Warrior – Steve Chandler

Summary of Part 1 through chapter 355111581299_8187c5c367_o:  by Winslow Passey

I love this book.  I highly recommend it.  For those who want some cliff notes here are some of the highlights for me.

Want to Defeat Procrastination, People pleasing and Chaos?  

Learn to track style not time.  Make time vertical not horizontal, non linear instead of linear by slowing time way way down!!!  Rise up and take action now for the future is created in this moment!  What can you do in the next 3 minutes?  It is Now or Never or you put it in a time capsule into your calendar.  Get it out of your mind so the mind can be clear.  Don’t keep a tapeworm of undone stuff coming out of your brain!

Note from Zen to Done:  Use a capture tool to immediately write down ideas as they come through your brain.  Get it out of there and record it.  Use  a small notebook and pencil, or an app like Wunderlist to record it and once a day review and do them now or add these to your calendar so they have a place.  

It is about joyful day creation!  With a clear and empty mind.  If you open an email you deal with it then!  Keep your inbox clean!  It is a great game to do it now!!!  Rise up, don’t postpone, do it now!

As a warrior (not worrier) I will wake up an create my day based on how I prefer to serve this world! – Steve Chandler

Bruce Lee –“ A warrior is an average person with laser-like focus.”

An average person has little focus, seeks to please others and lives in mediocrity.

“To know what you prefer, instead of saying ‘Amen’ to what the world tells you to prefer, is to have kept your soul alive.”  -Robert Lewis Stevenson

People Pleasing:

This is the biggest waste of our time.  Aim to serve not please.

Byron Katie says, “God spare me from the desire for love, approval and appreciation.  This would be my one prayer because the answer to this prayer brings the end of time and space.”  

What is left when there is no time and space?

Byron Katie says, “It’s the energy of pure unlimited mind, set free in all its power and goodness.”

The time warrior takes a sword to all the negative, frightening, depressing thoughts that are automatically believed…so that a great timeless active day can be created!  – Chandler

Warrior Mindset:

A warrior sees everything as a challenge, a project and a gift.  There is no bad, there is no victim!  Everything has opportunity!  Perception is an Illusion, Overwhelm is an illusion!!!  In life if you only do what is right in front of you then there can be no overwhelm!  Overwhelm is our fear of the future!  Diminished by action taken now!  To know ones self is the greatest knowledge.  What is your perception, your beliefs that create your fears, anger, or depression?  Know this and choose opportunity instead.  We all know who is responsible for life as it is today.  We all know who is the owner of the outcomes we have now!

Rain is neither good or bad, it is only our perception and beliefs that make it so!

Stop Stopping!!! 

Devoted time is your war against distraction!  No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking.  – Voltare

Stop Stopping!!!   Distractions: phone, text, beeping, facebook, people, etc.  – I look, and I stop!  Piano, foreign language, distant love, anything.  If you didn’t stop where would you be?  We fail because we stop!

1hr of uninterrupted worth 3hr of interrupted time.  How effective a swordsman will you be before you start your day.

We are going so fast that we can’t here the universe whispering to us.  What is it saying?  Yes.  Yes to whatever we want!

Rocky Marsiano – excluded himself before a fight, pure concentration! no mail, no computer, no phone, etc.  He was never defeated!

We start new each day and create it all new.

Situations don’t cause feeling!!!

Even dramatic:  Bankruptcy, death, divorce, etc.  It is only our perception that creates the emotion.

We are often going so Fast we can’t here the Universe.  What is it saying?  Yes!  Yes to whatever you want!

Situations don’t cause feelings!!!  Even dramatic situations don’t cause feeling of any kind until the brain produces an interpretation of it and we believe it.  It is our thoughts about something that create the feelings no matter what the situation.

We scare ourselves to death with our minds.  It’s our thoughts that overwhelm us.

Story:  Mad Man in recreation room, sits at table, draws a monster, stares, screams, and runs out.  The man is scaring himself to death.   We do this.  We use our imagination to envision the worse and feel fear.

Pessimism is a laughable absurdity!  We have great resources today, but we nurse resentments.  This shuts us down and hides who we really are.  Then we get out of action and get stuck!

Deuce Lutui – overweight, sunken, slacking

Internal commitment – He declared he was the ‘TBDL”- The Best Defensive Lineman in NFL.  Short version =  “I am!”  His commitment was internal, not external so it did not depend on any external factor or circumstance for him to begin playing and living as TBDL.  It was totally up to him not others.  It was already in him, in his heart!

Short term goals!!!

Worrying about long term goals would make it hard for me to hold on to them.  So I made my goals shorter.  “Process goals” that I always finished and felt good about.  Then the future takes care of itself. I set up process goals and fun tasks and projects so that I never had to worry about future outcome.   I wrote on my wall: Be Brief.  Be Swift.  Be effective.    The best futures get created in the present moment!  The worse thing is to be so worried about your future that you miss creating it now!  Create projects and small adventures that lead you to the grand vision you want.  -Chandler

If your not having fun, you not doing it right. – Fran Tarkenton

Forget considerations of Happiness and just get into action!  Happiness is something you notice you are feeling later after you have been at it awhile.

Don’t create your year, create your day.  Figure out the perfect day and then live it.  The year will take care of itself.  So will your life.  – Chandler

Kick Procrastination in the Arse!!!  – Start small, and then smaller!!!

Break it down into small, fun easy steps.  Dismember procrastination.  We procrastinate because the ind makes all future task big and scary.  Even little things when we imaging them in the future can become frightening.  Things appear larger and more difficult than they are.  Thinking and imagining the worse case scares us into putting everything off.

Action is the Answer!!!  Small action, not big action!  Try 3 minutes.  We can tackle 40 neglected things in 2 hr. this way.  Take any tiny action you can!!!  Make sure it is effortless too!

Make it a policy to just do the thing that you are procrastinating.  You know, the one you are thinking about right now!  Keep life creative and simple – what can I do now in this 3 minutes.  That is all you ever need to ask and procrastination will never bother you again!

Time to Change the World!!!

Are you doing your best now?  Slow down!!!!   Do what you are doing really well!  Slowing down gets you in harmony!  Slow way way down!   Don’t race ahead of life.  Slow down to master this present moment!  Life then gets fearless!!!  All anxiety is about the future!!!  

If you only had this one client, one project could you focus and do it even better!  Aim for quality over quantity with laser like focus.  Relax and slow down! Learn to say no!

Drunk on Information (too much in and not enough creative out!):

We take a lot in but what went out?  Undigested information is poison just like undigested food.  Take out your sword and cut away the clutter to open up clear space for creation.  Eliminate dings, beeps, lost time on social media, tv, games, etc.  Let’s rise up and use this moment now!  Pull something out of your future and do it now!  Your time is valuable.  Avoid the flurry of multitasking and chaos, and carve out uninterrupted time!  Use this eternal present moment and fear dissolves away!

Split the Atom!!!

If I am waiting for inspiration then I can wait.  If I am procrastinating (I know something needs to be down) due to my own worried mind then I split the atom.  The atom is very small but when split becomes powerful.   The smallest acts are like atoms.  They turn out to be important acts in our lives.  Identify the big scary imagined task as a distortion produced by the worried mind, and then go small, as small as possible.  3 minutes?  1 minute?  Otherwise we get lost in the self loathing and mental fatigue of a worried, frustrating judging mind.  Notice the stories and how they keep you stuck.  Notice how the worry and fear create passivity!

Live Now!!!

Gold comes from the present moment.  Embrace the present and increase your capacity for living.  The greatest opportunity for success is right in front of us.  Yet we often fly right past it looking for a better future.  Slowing down goes against our cultural nature.  It creates inner anxiety and we strain so hard against the leash of racing around.  No wonder no valid plans can be made.  Those plans are fear based (invalid) because they want a ‘better’ world than the one that presents itself now in the present, this moment infinite opportunity.

There is no way you can’t have the best life on this planet.  No one stops you but you…that’s the only possibility. – Byron Katie

Sound when stretched  is music.

Movement when stretched is dance.

Mind when stretched is meditation.

Life when stretched is celebration.

  • Shri Ravishankar Jee

Replace Knowing with Choosing!

You don’t have to know what to do or how to do it.  Stop trying to decide.  We waste so much time trying to decide.  It is not a deficit in knowing that stops you.  Just Choose now and do it!  Choosing takes no time.  When you choose you have already chosen.  It is in the past.  You have decided.  Then you can figure out the next smallest step to move forward.  JUST CHOOSE!!!

Failure is the Ultimate Success!

“I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career.  I’ve lost more than 300 games.  Twenty six times I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed.  I’ve failed over and over again in my life… and that’s why I succeed.  – Michael Jordan

It is not fear of failure that stops us.  It is the fear of the appearance of failure.  If we fail in private then who cares.  It doesn’t matter.  It is about approval.  Warriors drop all of that!  Forever!  They don’t live for the approval of others.  The live for the service project they are committed to.  – Chandler

Action is Good for the Soul!

Worry is the ultimate in disfunction.  It chills the body and keeps us stuck.  Action warms the body into fire.  Move through with Action.  How do you motivate?

Try this:  Do the action first,  then the feeling of wanting to do it will come later.

The biggest fallacy is that you have to feel like doing something first.  Not true.  Don’t wait to feel like it.  Just do it and the motivation will follow.  It shows up and you realize it was there all along.

Love what you are doing!!   Creatively work at whatever you are doing!  

Are you endlessly searching for the perfect calling, purpose or job?  “Love what you do and the money will follow!!!  If you wash have a job of washing dishes and you do it to the best of your ability with joy, love, and commitment, then you will quickly get promoted.  Because you are loving what you are doing.   Nothing gets more attention that that.

Break a Big Job down into smaller actions?  Or tackle it all at once?

Either is great.  There is more than one way to move a football down the field.  Short passes, long passes, running, etc.  Just choose and do something.  Take any action Big or small!

Create your Future

The best way to predict the future is to create it. – Peter Drucker

People without creativity lapse into the victim position.  Just like a garden needs water, soil and sun or it will lapse into weeds.  The same goes for our minds.  And then fear creeps into every part of our lives.  Even the beautiful parts like our family and friends can fill up with fears about them.  We worry about what might happen.  The story of you is no longer inspiring.  Then we fear poor health or that money will runout.

No wonder there is no more creativity.  There is no longer a love of life.  This is the disease of the victim mind.

But warriors clap their hands and turn all that around.  As soon as we see it, we can change it.  Time to get up in the light, dance and laugh and sing and take creative action again.  

Serving is the Opposite of Pleasing!!!

Serving is the most efficient and effective use of your time.  Pleasing is the biggest waste.  Seeking approval and trying to impress don’t get us anywhere.   Ineffective people seek out more and more love.  Instead ask this, “ How can I love more than I am loving now?”  Serve others and drop the pleasing and you will be doing yourself and them a big favor.

Be Fearless in one area of your life!!!

Today, like every other day, we wake up empty and frightened.  

Don’t open the door to the study and begin reading.  

Take down a musical instrument.  

Let the beauty we love be what we do.  

There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.  – Rumi

When we are fearless in one area then we can let the joy spread.  Where you are not fearless bring in love!!!  Bring in a sword of deep curiosity into the belief system and slash through judgement and worry.  Fear is like darkness.  Darkness is just an absence of light.  Add light and there is no more darkness.  So, fear is just the absence of love!!  Bring in love and there is no more fear!!

To change the world start with yourself!!!

What happened when I worked on me.  Live by example and you will inspire others.  If my intention is to help others then I must be careful not to judge others and drive them deeper.  There is nothing wrong with anyone.  No one needs to be fixed.  Inspiration is the best way to connect with others.  Are you an inspiration to others?  People are inspired by who you are being!  By your glow, your light, creativity and fearless actions you inspire others.

Try risking your identity

You have to be able to risk your identity for a bigger future than the present you are living.  – Fernando Flores

That is what has to happen to go from pretty okay to absolutely great.  We have to lose our freakin identity.  It’s our worse enemy!  

Be who you need to be in the moment and then be willing to change that in a heartbeat! – Chandler

Let your ego, built up personality go.  It is full of fear, worry and hope.

The problem with hope is that it producing a longing for external circumstances to change ignoring the beautiful internal resources already there.

Hope is the raw material of losers!  – Flores

The ego dreams of external things and then hopes and fears it won’t get them.  So don’t let the ego run the show.  Hope is why I spend days not making a single creative move.  – Chandler

Hope and Fear are Interchangeable and Unsustainable!

Warrior not Worrier

The worried mind wakes in the morning and projects the worse case scenario into the future.  It thinks that is it’s job.  Our brain does not know the difference between our vision of the worse and the reality.  The worry has such a negative effect on the body as if it were true.  This suspends action.  What to do?  TAKE ACTION!  CHOOSE AND MOVE!  Take that decisive action enough times and your fear won’t exist any more!.    

The question isn’t, Who is going to let me;  it’s Who is going to stop me? – Ayn Rand

I was looking outside of myself for permission and approval all day.  A nasty habit that leads to poverty and broken relationships.  We acquire such habits in childhood wherein protects us.  In adulthood is no longer serves us.  It eats away at the spirt.

So ask a different question.  Who is going to stop you?  You don’t have to see success in order to create.  Just create from your heart.

Creator or Reactor?

You choose which side to be on.

Create day based on a competing creative future.

For Reactors life is always unfair!

Creators create their futures by what they do today.

Reactors are obsessed with talking about the immediate unfortunate past, life is always unfair and dramatic, busy and overwhelming.

Want to know who you are?  Don’t ask. Act!  Action will delineate and define you.  – Thomas Jefferson

Whenever stuck – “What is my next action?”   Movement, Decisive Energy, solves everything!

Making others perfect?

People change faster when they are already perfect the way they are!  Sit with love in your eyes and heart when you look at others.  Then they have the freedom to change.  This gives a sense of safety and openness.  You are perfect the way you are.  If you want to change I will support you!

Capture the Problem!  Capture the idea!  

Write it down right away!  Get things out of your head and onto paper!  Then you can be free and clear in the mind!  Then look at it with creativity and amusement.  It’s a puzzle.  You know th feeling of things lingering in the back of your mind.  Your walking around trying to live, trying to communicate, trying to be present with family, work, or friends but you always have this feeling in the back of your mind.  It produces a gloomy tone.  Capture it and write it down!  The doom dissolves and it becomes an interesting puzzle.  Then you can feel free and powerful to act!

Redefine the Problem:

No longer a problem – It’s a project which is a lot more fun!

Get some Help! 

Looks to big?  Get help!  Working with others we see a lot more options!

Honor Completion!

Complete every project.  If you only solve part of it, then you will carry it around.  Unsolved projects suck the life energy out of us!  Drain us!  So start and finish one thing at a time!  Don’t rely on feeling like doing it!  You have already decided so just finish it, just do it!  You have already chosen.  Follow through!  The feeling will come later!  Notice how unfinished things leave you tried at night.  Procrastination makes you have less energy!  The more you finish, the more energy you have.  Procrastinators worry about things.  This eats up the mind and energy.  The Warrior takes action and finishes strong.

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