Dynamic Revolution!

When is the time to do things?

Who is the most important one?

What is the most important thing to do?

From a book by Leo Tolstoy originally this was made into a children’s book that Bodhi and I love.  The answers

When is the time to do things? – NOW!

Who is the most important one? – THE ONE YOU ARE WITH!

What is the most important thing to do? – HELP THE ONE YOU ARE WITH?


Have you done any work with your values and your purpose?  This is so important because we need to know what really is at the core of our being.  We need to know this so that we don’t get caught up in the rat race and run around from a place of anxiety, overwhelm, fear, anger, frustration, or lethargy!

What a gift we have to be her win this human body!  It is a chance for deep exploration and learning!  An opportunity to love and play and grow in relationship and in our spirit!  So lift your head up and see the BIG PICTURE!  Everyone is here for a given purpose!  You have unique gifts and a special offering for this planet.  See the good.  If you collect trash for a living then your purpose may be to make this world a clean place for people to live and play.  This is an important job.  Do it will love and passion.  Enjoy this offering!  Can you see your job like this?  Do you find meaning in helping others around you at work, in your family, on the streets!  Opportunity is always there.

In Yoga it is called Dharma!  This is your path!  When you are in alignment things get easy, work is fun and you are excited for it!  When we are off then we suffer.  Things get hard.  Obstacles are put there to redirect us toward a different path!  Life lesson are offered to help us learn what we need  for the highest evolution of our consciousness.

Being present in this moment!  NOW!  Is key to happiness, connectedness, and our highest evolution!  Be where you are fully!  Be with who you are with fully and in a soulful way!

All the fun books I have been reading on time management and energy management, and Ayurveda too all talk about defining your vision and values.  When we do this we can be better in alignment with our values as we make our everyday decisions.  Otherwise we lose motivation and we get distracted.  We can step into integrity with what is deeply important to us.
So I have been working on a statement that I will share.  I borrowed the term “soulful connection” from my sister Heather because I love it so much.
“I strive for soulful connection from a place of openness and honesty with all people that I come in contact in order to spread love in this world.  I help others play more in life and connect to a deeper happiness while achieving Higher Health in body, mind and spirit.  I thrive on learning how to be my best self and creating each day new from a deeply playful, curious and happy place.  I stand to be the best mom, wife, and friend that I can be offering unconditional love, patience, and peace to those around me by serving their highest good and letting go of pleasing.”
So play around with your and see what you come up with.  Here are some great question along similar lines to what we have been doing to help you go deeper.
1.  Do this Assignment!
1.  What do you want to have written on your gravestone?
2.  Who is one person you admire and what do you admire about them?
3.  From your 90th birthday looking back what are 3 things that you have learned in life? 
4.  Write your vision statement!

Please check out my upcoming course called Higher Health here!  This is a 10 week course with 10 habits in 10 weeks to help jump start you into your best and highest self!  We all have room to grow, have more energy, sleep better, maximize our bodies potential, improve relationships and step into our deeper purpose.  Let take on a New Revolution of Self Discovery!



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