10 Habits to Higher Health

10 Habits to Higher Health
Mindfulness & Peace Practice

10 Habits to Higher Health

https://winslowpassey.com/vibrant-health-evolution/Happy Spring!  Life is good and full of growth and learning when you are open to it!  In fact, life will give you whatever experiences you need for the highest evolution of your consciousness.  Ready or not we get it over and over the lessons are available to us until we get it, and then we move on to the next one. Learning and listening are skills and we get better and better at it with practice.

What: 10 Habits to Higher Health
When:  Thursday April 21st 6-7:30 pm
Where:  We Are Yoga,  2645 Parleys Way Ste # 100, Salt Lake City, UT 84109

  • Learn habits to help you align with natures rhythms
  • feel deeply nourished and energized
  • create a morning routine that rocks
  • feel deep peace and joy instead of overwhelm and anxiety
  • heal your body
  • set your kids up for success and keep them healthy
  • maximize the potential of your body and mind

We will do a little meditation and yoga at the end. There will be prizes there too! Come join and bring a friend!
Anyone interested in remote access to this class let me know. I will record it and share it with you.  Email me at WinslowPassey@gmail.com and I will send it to you!!!!

2nd Free Talk
Same story!!!
When:  May 6th 6-7 pm
Where: My house
3606 E Avondale Dr.
Cottonwood Heights, UT 84121
RSVP at 206-920-7849 or WinslowPassey@gmail.com


My offering to you this week:
Mindfulness and Peace!!!
In addition to these free offerings I want to share another tip with you.  One of the most important things we can learn to do is to calm our central nervous system.  It is easy to run around in a stress response all the time.  So think about this.  Whatever comes in (food, thoughts, information, music, movies, news, etc) has to get digested or it becomes AMA (toxic).  So too much input overloads us.  Our bodies react the same to visual stimuli as the actually experience.  So if we watch the news and see peoples head getting blown off then we go into a stress response.  When we watch violent movie it sends are adrenaline rushing!  You may think I like Adrenaline.  It’s a good thing, when we need it, but too much of it leaves us depleted, where’s out our endocrine system, prevents deep sleep, stalls digestion, and prevents the body from healing and fighting disease.  Why?  The blood moves away from our core to our limbs to run or fight.  We can not digest in this mode.  It is common in our culture to go from stress response to stress response and not have enough recovery and down time.  Eventually this catches up to us.  Next time you eat check in with your body.  Are your shoulders relaxed?  Is your chin sticking forward?  Is your heart protected?  Are you sitting?  Relaxed?  Chewing well?  All these are important to digesting.  Digestion is at the core of our health.  So pay attention to what you let in to your senses.  What you see, hear, touch taste and smell all effect your nervous system.  Can you invite in a moment of stillness, a moment of quiet here and there where you focus on breathing and relaxing?  It is a practice and a skill that will serve you well.  Practice before your next meal.  Invite in a deep breath and gratitude.  Practice when you are driving down the road.  When you wake in the morning and just before bed take a moment to be grateful.  It will set the tone for the whole day and help you sleep more peacefully.
In short:
Protect yourself from overwhelm and negativity.  Pay attention to where it comes from whether outside of you or from your own mind.  First we have to become aware, then we can choose to breath, feel, and shift.  

Please let me know if you want the recorded video of 10 Habits to Higher Health!!!

Clean up your email tip:
If you get too many emails and want to clean up your email box check out  http://unroll.me .  It is great for unsubscribing fast, and then you can put into a roll up emails that are interesting but not urgent and look at them when you have time.

Have a great week!!!!




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