10 Habits to Higher Health


Our Habits determine who we are.  So much of what we do is habit.  Meaning not conscious but engrained in our survival brain.  Yet it is possible to change our habits, rewire our brains, and step into our highest potential!

So make your habits support you into the most vibrant joyous future you can imagine!!!!

Here is a 3 part video series that I have made for you!  Enjoy and please connect with me after and let me know what is on your mind!!!

First Video :  This video guides you in Navigating where you are Now and where you want to be!

Second Video:  This video goes through the first 5 habits.  These are based on Ayurveda.  A 5000 yr old practice that evolved alongside yoga.  It is tried and true and works so well.  It is about getting in alignment with natures rhythms.  You will be amazed.  And you don’t have to trust the science, you just experiment and gain a deep knowing through your own body and mind.  It becomes so obvious what works well.
Third Video:  This video is habits 6-10!
Namaste!  – means,
“I bow to the divine in you!”,  “May the light in me recognize the light in you!”  “May we see the good in each other!”

Start by doing what is necessary, then do what is possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible! -Francis De Assisi 

Vibrant Health Evolution Page!!!!




Vibrant Health Evolution Page!!!!

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