Is it True, Is it Necessary, Is it Kind?

Subtle to Physical

Subtle energy, like our thoughts and feelings, forms nueropathways in our brains.  It’s like if you have a drip coming down on a mountain top.  It rolls down, and over time forms a deeper and deeper groove.  We repeat thoughts, experiences, and emotions over and over in life.  They stay with us unless we shift them and create a new pathway.  Often we need one that serves us better.  And these subtle energies over time show up in our bodies.  For me, I sense that my wrist injury has a lot of fear tied up in there, so the work I do is with that fear and with the subconscious.  This is proving to be more helpful than surgery.  Our emotions get stuck in the body, so healing the body means taking a look at our thoughts and feelings.  What is the underlying belief, and how can I shift it?

Self Talk

Listen to what goes through your brain?  Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is it True?
  • Is it Necessary?
  • Is it Kind?

When we pass the thoughts through this filter it helps us shift away from fears and worries that are not even true.  We can avoid saying things that don’t need to be said to ourselves or others.  We can let go of the negative, unsupportive, self talk.  We choose to Invite in KINDNESS!  (Toward yourself and others.)  This serves us so much better.  Keep shifting over and over again throughout the day to self talk that is kind.


Does it serve us?  Worrying is one of the most detrimental things we can do.  It puts the body in a stress response.  We experience the thing we are worrying about as if it already happen.  So worrying about death is like dying twice (or over and over again)!  Our brains do not know the difference between what we imagine or watch on tv and what is actually happening.  So we get the rush of stress hormones.  You may have heard the saying ‘Stress Kills’.  Why?  A constant overload of stress hormones causes our Cortisol to go up.  Too much Cortisol can kill.

Alternately, try letting go of worry.  Stay present in this moment.  “Are you ok Now?”   Take some deep breaths. Try adopting some of these beliefs instead:

  • Lean back and Trust
  • The universe has my back
  • Everything is a gift
  • The universe will provide the exact experience I need for the highest evolution of my consciousness
  • Others will experience the exact experiences they need to best learn and grow

Check out this blog  where I talk about how to shift from a Stress Respnse to a Relaxation Response!!!

Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs are underlying beliefs set in our subconcious mind that determine how we react and percieve the world.  They mostly develop in childhood to protect us somehow.  In adulthood they limit us from being our best self!

So as you pay attention to your self talk, you will get some clues as to your underlying beliefs.  Once you discover it, then take notice of what the TRIGGERS (person, place, emotion, event) are that bring it up?  Then come up with a Higher Truth to replace it.  We can rewire our brains.  It works like this!

  1. Come up with the new Belief you want to instill
  2. Make it very similiar to the old belief as this is easiest to shift in the subconcious
  3. Repeat the new belief every morning and night for 60-90 days, and as often as you can through out the day
  4. Forgive!!!  This is an importance piece of letting go of the old belief.  Sit still and ask where in your heart you need to forgive.
  5. Let Go!
  6. Believe!

Here are some examples of how you may rewrite your beliefs:

  • I am not good enough = I am absolutely good enough
  • I am not capable = I am totally capable
  • I don’t have enough time = I have the exact right amount of time
  • I can’t do it = I can do it
  • I am not loveable = I am absolutely loveable
  • My body is not healing = My body is a powerful healing machine

You get the idea!

Check out this Guided Meditation on Shifting Limiting Beliefs to Higher Truths!


Victim vs. Accountability

First be aware of when you are blaming or when you are in the victim role.  It is eay to do.  And we get to have lots of drama, and maybe get lots of sympathy.  We get to be right!  It keeps us stuck though, and we give away our Power!

Try taking accountability for everything in your life.  You have the power to create, change, and mold your own life.  Here are some necessary steps:

  1. Recognize when you are in the victim role or blaming
  2. Know that this does not serve you well
  3. Recognize what you get out of being in this role
  4. Be willing to let go of that for more power and control of your life
  5. Pause and Breath so deep relaxing breaths from the belly
  6. Choose Accountability

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  • more energy
  • better sleep
  • lower anxiety and less overwhelm
  • ability to listen to and heal your body
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