5 Kaizen moves to reach your goals

Kaizen is a Japanese word meaning ‘good change’ or to ‘to become good through change’.

It is a philosophy that encourages small continuous change.  The whole focus is to create change that is so fun and easy that we reprogram our brains.  Then we can stop fearing new behavior and change.  When you take small steps your brain will start removing obstacles and create new neuron connections.  We can thus avoid going into a stress response, which will ultimately give us a lot more opportunity and possibility in life!

Kaizen gradually leads us into change, helping us establish new routines in small doses.  Then we can expand on it later as the pattern turns into a habit!  You will be amazed at how noticeable change enters your life and healthy habits become the norm.  You will have broken free of your fear of failing without trying hard at all.  

5 Kaizen pearls (check out Nicolas Carter’s book, Kaizen):

  1.  HOW instead of WHY!!!   – Let your problems be projects, let your challenges be opportunities, when you are down in the weeds plant a seed of intention that leads you to creating the life you love!  Negativity causes us to go backward from where we want to be.  Ask How can I do it, instead of thinking why it can’t be done.  In fact you don’t even have to know How!  Just set the intention, put it out there into the universe and look for the good!  The universe will give us everything we ask for!  Drop excuses and Take action!!!
  2. Drop Judgment, Perfection, and Pleasing! – These Saboteurs will stop our dreams from becoming a reality.  Notice your judge, ask him or here to step aside for Deep Curiosity instead!  Drop Perfection and just take action!  You will learn and make adjustments as you go along.  Pleasing –  We want people to like us, we all want to love and be loved.  And if you drop the pleasing and think of serving others instead you will find you take much better care of yourself and your needs.  And you are much more likable moving from what you want not from what you think others want.
  3. Your true Potential gets Revealed only in times of Hardship!! – Everything is a gift, your life experiences are there to help you evolve into your highest level of consciousness.  So in the hard times intend to be your best self, drop the pity or victim mindset.  Dive into whatever is present with curiosity, love, patience, and learning.  You will become a better person than before.
  4. Ask WHAT and WHY five times!!! – What do you really want?  and WHY?  What feelings do you want to experience?  Why is it important to be healthy for you?  What are your gifts to this world?  Tapping into these answers on a deeper and deeper level is so key to any habit change.  Our old behaviors will draw us back in and we need to be clear on why we want to be a better person, experience higher health, perform at our best, improve our relationships, etc.
  5. Go for Wisdom instead of Knowledge! – Wisdom is the ability to follow your own advise based on your own experiences, intuition and inner guidance.  Feel into your own body, sit in silence and listen!!!!   Drop the Ego, it gets us in lots of trouble, and do what is deeply best for you!


Examples of how to apply Kaizen to Habit Change:

  • Want to have a daily meditation practice?  Feel intimidating? Don’t have time?   Start with 1 minute a day!!!  That’s it!!!!  Find a comfortable seat, breath, and take notice of whatever shows up in your body, mind and emotions from a non judgmental place.
  • Want to Eat Better?  Having a hard time giving up those cookies, alcohol, soda, caffeine?  Just give it up one day a week.  Or cut out one a day!  Then congratulate yourself for the success.  The next week go for 2 days!
  • Exercise?  Have you been meaning to get that in everyday and somehow it slips by? Do 1 minute every morning!  No matter what.  You commit and you just do it.  It’s only 1 min.  The next week do 2 min.!!!  Maybe you start with a 90 sec workout like this: 30 sec push ups, 30 sec.  sit ups, 30 sec. squats or squat jumps!  Go for 3 min. the next week (1 min of each).

You get the picture!

Make it so EASY you can say No!!  

Make it Fun!!!!


If you want to learn more about how to have:

10 Habits of Extremely Healthy and Happy People,

then check this out!





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