Vibrant Health Evolution Master Mind Program

10 Month Mastermind Program

You can apply for the course here and get access to the course materials.


  • 10 group calls, one per month (60-90 minutes) recorded for listening if you miss or for relistening later
  • 5 one on one calls with me (30min), additional calls can be arranged
  • 10 months and 10 habits – we spend a month on each habit going deeper and implementing it more fully into our lives, we focus on making routine a habit, and make a plan to make it fun and easy
  • Each month has an additional focus we will work on like Limiting Beliefs, Defining your Purpose, Sculpting your Environment, Eating for the Seasons, Meditation,  etc.  These topics will also come from you based on what you request and what you need and want!
  • Guest speakers – around 5 or more guest speakers to help us go deeper in the topics we are focusing on.  Subjects like exercise vs. movement, higher truths, energy, vulnerability and shame, nutrition, fitness, etc.
  • Book club – 5 choice books to read one per 2 months and have online and verbal discussion with highlights and bullet points.
  • Free Blood Analysis for anyone who can do an in person meeting.  This is an opportunity to see what is floating around in your blood, how well are you digesting, and how well are your filters working.
  • Additional videos and audios will be supplied as well  (i.e. yoga video and workout of the month, more on digestion, more on meditation, seasonal eating, etc.)
  • Spring and Fall cleanse, we will do a spring and fall cleanse.  You will choose what type of cleanse is best for you.

Hope you will continue on this journey with me into Higher Health!!! Apply here to get access to the course materials.